I have always appreciated the eastern and the western approach to how parents, families, our previous ancestors and especially how our senior population lives today in an ever evolving world.  The Inner Oracle Trilogy has worldwide appeal and Volume II: Body, its main focus is in our beliefs systems of what our body can and cannot do; as we understand the progress of the growing aging population, we can begin to understand how to truly live our lives into our golden years as a new beginning and start with a new way of thinking as well that is exciting, marvellously fun and easy, as we manage to live longer and longer over the next coming years. What we believe truly makes a difference in what we manifest into our own world. Our actions and habits are tailored by what we believe is possible in creating our own destiny.  

Hence, I have always been attracted to seniors and could always learn from their wisdom - I have resonated with seniors  and they have resonated with me. Because of my understanding and compassion for special needs and the quality of life of seniors my growth in this field has created a greater awareness of their needs. It's for this reason I have written a couple of books explaining the needs of seniors and the quality of life. 



AuthorPeter Sammarco