Love never hurts and is an action versus a feeling. Compassion, caring and doing something for someone always cultvates love. … when I see clients sometimes couples say I no longer love him and I no longer love her and I always say do something for them every day watch what happens. ....sure enough they come back and say well I've grown fond of this person once again..... yes because before the person was being selfish and only thinking of themselves and as soon as they thought of others, ie the person they love or thought they didn't love, it re-created the love that was always there between them. also transcends all fears and remember fear comes from a lack of not forgiving oneself for their own actions or of the past actions of others. Behaviors don't change on there own though because they are habits of lack of alignment with rheir true nature; through aligning with his/her own inner source and staying in tune with their own divinity we can change our so called negative behavior in our lives whether it is a sex addiction a desire for just constant sexual desire and attention or drugs alochol or a power etc or any type of addiction....these are habits that die hard if not aligned with an inner connection with own Selves. Once we truly know ourselves we will respect others as well. Since we are not only our body, we may be a long way to understanding love if we think we are solely our body and our tactile desires. See an orgasm comes and goes then the experience drifts away as a fleeting memory stacked upon another memory. Love and the love that is inside of us is infinite. And in fact every relationship with every human being is eternal. 


Lots of Love, 



(quote below by Leo which I was introduced by my parents to as a teenager...I also was introduced to Norman Vincent Peale by my father when my sister Isabella passed away) 


   " What love we've given, we'll have forever. What love we fail to give, will be lost for all eternity. "

― Leo Buscaglia

AuthorPeter Sammarco