Book I: MIND - Shedding the Skin of the old & Bringing in the New Mind; understanding between the Mind and the Body. 

Book II: Body - The Body has a Brain yet the BRAIN mustn't be confused with the Mind - .  

The book goes into the importance of mental and physical rehabilitation and also for seniors and seniors to be - to live beyond their years of influence and enhance society with their presences. 


Book III: Soul  - we are the creators of our own world and we can transcend all karma through forgiveness. The relationships we seek begin with their own inner Oracle - seek your own inner Oracle - Seek inside you the power of these five short successful fulfilling chapters - Know ThySelf, Master ThySelf  – Give ThySelf  Love ThySelf &  Trust ThySelf. 


All Love To You Always,



April 24th Sunday 2016  

AuthorPeter Sammarco