Two great movies: My favorite movie last year in 2015 was Creed:   Love this Movie: a truly incredible movie: “entertaining as well as a great piece of work by the director and the cast and actors, to explain the life a black hero, which is sadly a rarity in deed” …. Philadelphia life and boxing…. yet inspiring piece of work.

— Peter Sammarco


My favorite movie so far in 2016, and feel it will remain this way is Brooklyn. Yeap I said it, Brooklyn indeed.  Why Brooklyn you ask?

In my opinion, this Movie Brooklyn, is created "For Real Grown Ups":  This a great 'Love Story' that can be understood by both sides of the coin. If only more people would take the time to see that their life is as important as the life one chooses with somebody else. To care about somebody else, is the great thing a partner longs for: and a sense of belonging grows from there too.  Great movie.  

---Peter Sammarco


Brooklyn : in my opinion, greatest movie this year in 2016. 

Brooklyn : in my opinion, greatest movie this year in 2016. 

Lovely Love Story and the truth between two different lives and being truly mature enough to choose one.  



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