Having a good conversation with friends always requires the understanding of great alliances between what we know is real -and what we know is also possible.  The Inner Oracle helps us to understand how we are the creator of our own world, while at the same to seeking to understand how the universe operates in own lives.

These books have great insight for all ages; and discuses topics from how to understand the issues facing the growing population.  (vol. II: Body)

-how to be the creator of your own world. (Vol. III: Soul) 

-how to build the mind to recreate new ideas and transcend the challenges of day to day problems.    (vol. I: Mind)




read vol. III: Soul  --- Being the Creator of your own World. 



understanding the universal Mind and how it operates. Vol. I: Mind


understanding the needs of the growing aging population. Great for ourselves or understand our parents or grandparents.   Vol. II : Body