"...5 minutes to changing your financial future. Get to understand financial terminology and also keep yourself in tune with the infinite power residing within you. Always know it's inside of you to give. Seek the talents you have inside and always listen to your inner voice seeking refuge in you at all times.   

Whether you call it: the creator, the intuitive power , your subconscious mind, Source, gut instinct, kingdom within you, etc  

It's all the same - and always inside of us."

---Peter Sammarco  

Now let's Keep meditating and contemplating this statement below:

"When thoughts of lack come to you, as such as, "I can't afford that trip," or, "I can't meet that note at the bank," or, "I can't pay that bill," NEVER FINISH A NEGATIVE STATEMENT about finances. Reverse it immediately in your mind by affirming, "god is my instant and everlasting supply, and that bill is paid in Divine order." If a negative thought comes to you fifty times in one hour, reverse it each time by thinking,

"God is my instant supply, meeting that need right now."

After a while, the thought of financial lack will lose all momentum and you will find your subconscious (your habitual mind) is being conditioned to wealth. If you look at a new car, for example, NEVER SAY, "I can't buy that." On the contrary, say to yourself:

"That car is for sale. It is a Divine idea, and I accept it in Divine Order."

---Joseph Murphy.

"Remember all the universe created, as you know, has also created you, the moon, the galaxies, all the mineral in the earth, and has made you immune to all negative aspects in your life when You choose your own Divine Path, right here right Now. "


Love Always,